Creating an Event Retreat in Napa

event location in Napa

Establishing and running an event retreat in Napa for weddings, corporate retreats, and special occasions, while still retaining the essence and history of the land, is no easy task and requires many willing hands. Every year, we have a wonderful celebration for our collaborators, our community friends, and our families.

Please meet Toni (center) and two of our amazing associates!  On May 14, 2022, Toni and Adam Ellis (left) of Ellis Landscaping were looking out at the pond on the edge of the property when they simultaneously conceived the idea for an event venue.  Adam and his crew, which includes his son, Justin, and family friend, Bruno, have worked innumerable hours to develop Talahusi into the unique private retreat that it has become.  With a family that has been in Napa for decades, Adam has an instinct for the land and its flora.  Most importantly, Adam imbues the ethics of hard work, honesty and community approach that makes Napa such a special place. 

Cesar Chavez (right) is another of our incredible partners.  Blessed with an eye for detail and a pride in his craftmanship, Cesar joined us originally as a landscaper but is now in charge of maintaining the pool, fountains and solar panels.  Cesar is that guy who will come to you and tell you what needs to be done, rather than the other way around. A big responsibility for someone who already has a full-time job!

These are only two of the many local folk who pour their hearts and souls into Talahusi, and over time you will meet the others.  We are so truly blessed to have such amazing people caretaking our event retreat in Napa!

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